Women's Leather Bracelets

Our leather bracelet range is crafted of the highest quality leather and includes the most intriguing designs, which are guaranteed to give you satisfaction and make a statement! Choose from a wide range of patterns, styles and colours. With our ultimate range of Suay leather bracelets, you can find the perfect leather bracelet to define your signature look!

Not just for the boys! Dating as far back as the ancient Greek soldiers, leather bracelets have been worn by men as part of their dress uniform and for protection, a practice later adopted by Roman soldiers. Leather tanning is one of the oldest of human activities, with black leather now adding a tough luxe look to any outfit whilst natural leather, which is usually pale brown to dark brown, adds a more feminine touch. At Suay we've added many stunning colours of women's leather bracelets to our edit of bracelets and cuffs to suit every and any occasion.

While leather jewelry has never completely gone out of style, it has enjoyed periods of popularity and periods of dormancy. Today, leather jewelry is hailed as a fashionable way to show off your good taste and your personal sense of style! 

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