Silver Jewellery

Sterling Silver is one of the most adaptable metals in our collection, this precious metal has always been a firm favourite because of its lustrous and highly reflective and refined appearance. Sterling Silver, by law must be made up of 92.5% pure silver and the remaining 7.5% is normally made up of copper or other metals. This allows for hardness when working with this very soft metal, unfortunately the use of copper also allows this precious metal to oxidize or tarnish. The term 'Sterling Silver' was added to Silver many centuries ago as it was once a currency in England, and by law must contain the 92.5% pure silver to be classified as 'Sterling Silver'. Our collection of Sterling Silver jewellery is both contemporary and unique and when combined with titanium and tungsten carbide it creates sensational and contrasting colours. 

  • £3.95 (£12.00)